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Step 1. Get access to your personal account


Get access to your personal account by spending 1 minute to register and sign up for a FREE One Day Pass. You will be able to exercise in a fully renovated gym with the new premium Life Fitness equipment, more than 20 types of LesMills group activities with certified coaches, as well as a boost of energy from each workout.

If you like the club, then sign up the contract in the Fitnation app

Free One Day Pass

Step 2. Install the Fitnation app

Install the Fitnation app and complete a contract online.

Now with the help of your smartphone you will be able to follow the schedule of group activities, book training and manage your contract. Besides, you can see the number of people in your club, get to know them, participate in challenges, and challenge friends.

Step 3. Сome to the club

Clubs are open 24/7. Entry to the club is carried out by QR code in Fitnation app. Scan the QR code at the gates and enter the club! Don't forget your gym uniform!

Our clubs:
Fitnation Domodedovskaya
Fitnation Mitino
Fitnation Octyabrskoe Pole
Fitnation Krylatskoe

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