Basic information

How to become a member of FITNATION?

It’s easy! Complete a contract in your personal account on the website or via the mobile app.

There’s no paper contracts. Everything is done online.

  • Select the club
  • Select your contract.
  • Fill out your information – name, last name, your telephone number, and email address.
  • Indicate the start date of the contract.
  • Pay for the contract by registering a card for payment.
  • Come and work out! Access to a club is carried out via the mobile app.
Specify the correct email address that you have access to receive a password for your personal account.
How much does a contract cost?

Our contracts operate on a monthly charge basis and can be canceled at any time. There is a classic annual contract.

BASIC сontract: includes only visits to a club

The contract costs from 1990 rubles per month and if you need, you can add group classes for just 990 rubles per month.

OPTIMAL contract: a contract with group classes and access to a club.

The contract costs from 2,490 rubles per month and allows you to visit all of the clubs in the network, as well as sign up for all the group classes

These contracts work on a monthly write-off model and can be terminated at any time.

There are also classic contracts with one-time payment:

6-month contract: a contract with group classes and access to a club for 6 months for 11,990 rubles.

PLUS contract: a contract with group classes for a whole year for 19,990 rubles.

You can choose your contract and make a Free Visit on the club’s page.

YOU CAN CANCEL MONTHLY PAYMENT AT ANY TIME. To do this, you just need to go to the administrator at the reception desk.

What is the Join Fee?

The Join fee from 990 rubles.

When buying a contract, it is paid once and the cost for you for the entire subsequent period is fixed – this means that you’re protected from any price increases in the future! The Join fee will automatically be added to the price of the first month. From the second month you’ll pay only the cost of the contract.

As part of the Welcome-pack you’ll also receive:

  • an introductory workout with trainer
  • onetime free visit group class if you buy Basic contract
  • a month’s water subscription

If you terminate the contract, the payment will need to be made again.



If you’re planning a vacation or you have other urgent plans, you can freeze your contract for 1 month. It’s free!

The freeze is effective from the date of the next monthly payment. This means that if you clicked the FREEZE button today, and the date of the next payment is only in 2 weeks, the freeze will take effect after 2 weeks. This is due to you having already paid for the service for this billing period.

Restart the contract at any time in your personal account. Your contract will restart that very day.

How to do this?

Go to the website, and in the upper right corner, click PERSONAL ACCOUNT. Once you’re logged in, under MY CONTRACTS, select FREEZE.

Contract cancellation

We recommend that you use the “Freeze” service. This way you’ll retain the value of your contract.

You can cancel the contract by approaching the administrator at the co-working zone in the club. You can visit club until the end of the paid period.

Cancellation must be done at least one day before the start of your new billing period. For instance, if you pay on the 10th of every month, then you need to click “cancel the contract” no later than the 8th so that your next payment does not form

Additional services

Changing additional services

Select the ADDITIONAL SERVICES section and click CHANGE SERVICES in your personal account on the website or in the Fitnation App.

You can use the added service the same day.

We recommend adding or removing services on the day the contract is paid.

Sport water and Shaker protein shakes

You can get water from Shaker vending machines. It serves filtered fortified water with BCAA or protein shakes for every taste.

It’s simple! In the Fitnation mobile app, select the drink size (amount) and pay by card. You’ll receive a QR code to be scanned by the Shaker machine.

Water is poured into your bottle.

It is more beneficial and more environmentally friendly than bringing water from the store with you!

Les Mills group classes

How to sign up?

Sign up early for a group classes. Access opens up 24 hours before the start of a workout.

Keep track of the schedule in the mobile app or on the website.

What is a waiting list for group classes?

If there are no free spots in the exercises, then you can sign up on the waiting list. In the event that one person cancels their reservation you get that place.

If that happens we’ll send you a notification in the mobile app or to your email address.

Why do you need to cancel your reservation?

First, for ethical reasons. So you give others the opportunity to attend the class instead of you.

Second, if you miss a workout, we’ll be forced to temporarily limit your access to group classes.

You can cancel your reservation up to 60 minutes before the start of your workout.

I can’t sign up!

Potential issue №1: Perhaps group classes aren’t included in your contract? Add the service in your personal account!

Potential issue №2: Maybe registration has begun yet? You can sign up for a workout 24 hours before it starts

Potential issue №3: Try to update the page or mobile app

Potential issue №4: You did not cancel or attend group workouts – your contract will be blocked for several days. Wait for the automatic unlock

Potential issue №5: There are no free spots on the main list and on the waiting list.

What you need to know about payment

What are the monthly payment?

This type of payment means that your monthly fitness charges are once a month, like Netflix or Apple Music. And it also means that you can stop using and paying for the contract at any time. Monthly charges are not installment.

Can I buy now, but come later?
Yes, you select the start date of your contract by yourself.
About debts and unpaid contracts

If a client has debt obligations to the club, they are blocked from entering the club until the debt is repaid.

If a client wishes to continue to visit the club, the debt must be paid.

Changing a payment card
If you want to change your payment card, go to your personal account and update your bank card details. When changing your card, the system will block 1 ruble and then automatically unblock the money.
Payment security
Fitnation is an international network of fitness clubs that values its reputation. We only charge monthly payments for the contract and services you choose. We do not store a customer’s payment card details.
Payment methods
We don’t accept cash. You can only pay for services with a bank card.

Visiting a club

Access to a club via the mobile app

In our club, everything is automated as much as possible, so entry to the club is carried out via our mobile app!

Create a unique QR code on the main page in the mobile application and attach it to the reader on the gate – they will open (QR code is NOT related to COVID codes).

Club hours of operation
Fitnation clubs operate 24/7 without weekends.
What to bring to the club?

Each time you visit the club, don’t forget to bring with you:

  • Your sports clothes and a change of shoes;
  • Lock for a locker (it can also be purchased on-site);
  • A towel, slippers, and shower items.
Can you bring along children?

No, children under the age of 16 cannot be brought along. By bringing a child to the club, you thereby violate not only safety regulations, but also the rules of the club. In case of non-compliance with the rules, your contract may be canceled without the right to recovery.

I can’t get into the club

Potential issue №1: Your contract has expired

Go to your personal account and make sure that you have a valid contract with the club. If there is no contract, you can purchase one.

Potential issue № 2: You forgot to pay for the contract or the card ran out of money

If you’re unsure that the contract has been paid, check it in your personal account on the website or in the mobile app. If the contract is unpaid, please enter your personal account and click PAY. After payment, you’ll immediately be able to enter the club!

Is a personal trainer included in my contract?

You can arrange any personal training with a trainer on your own. Find trainers in our mobile app.

The first introductory workout is free. Choose a trainer in the mobile app and agree upon a training time with them yourself.

How to invite a friend and get them a discount?

Call your friends, share your personal promotional code with them, and your friend will get a 990 rubles discount on the first payment! And you’ll get 1,500 points that you can spend on coffee and other drinks in the Fitnation app.

Are there towels and coolers at the club?

Towels are not provided, bring your own – it’s hygienic and safe in a post-COVID world.

You can get water in the Shaker machine or other vending machines.

Fitnation loyalty program

What do I get points for?

You can earn points both in the club and outside it. Connect your Apple Health access to the Fitnation mobile app to participate in challenges. You can train outside the club and still earn points!

How does the loyalty program work?

✅ 1 point= 1 ruble

✅ you get 400 points when you purchase your first contract

✅ Visit the club.

— for 2 to 5 visits per month = 50 points

— for 5 to 10 visits = 70 points

— for 10 or more visits = 100 points

Points are awarded for the previous month. For instance, in April you’ll receive points from March!

✅ Invite your friends to the gym!

Share your promo code and your friend will get 990 rubles off their first payment and you’ll get 1,500 points.

✅ Participate in challenges, challenge your friends, and win points!

✅ Join group exercises and get 100 points.

The list of products you can find in the Fitnation app. We’re constantly working on making improvements, so stay tuned for new products and ways to earn points!
What can I spend loyalty program points on?

You can pay for coffee, protein drinks, and water with points right in the club!

Treat your friends to coffee and other drinks.

Place bets on challenges.

Fitnation is this and many other bonuses for you and your friends!